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Paul Burdon

BSc Hons (Acup) BA Hons (Psych), LicAc


My name is Paul Burdon, I worked for 15 years as a freelance internet specialist, but in 2008 I chose to dedicate my time to helping people get the best from what life has to offer. I use Acupuncture to help people improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.


I have a deep passion for this amazing form of medicine because of the positive change it brings to people's lives; it is still amazing to me that something that seems so simple can treat such a wide range of problems, even very serious ones, while being without the side effects associated with medication or the risks involved with surgery and manipulation.

I am a professionally trained, Traditional Acupuncturist which means I studied the authentic Chinese form of Acupuncture for 4 years at degree level to gain my Acupuncture qualification, my qualification is validated by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. I hold full professional insurance with Balens.


I became interested in Acupuncture after 10 years of studying and teaching the chinese meditative exercise system Tai Chi. After experiencing myself some of the many benefits Acupuncture can bring I was inspired to study Traditional Acupuncture at one of Europe's top Acupuncture colleges; the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading.
I also hold a degree in psychology which I studied at Cardiff University.


Many people have struggled with health, emotional or wellbeing issues for a long time before coming for Acupuncture so experiencing the change brought by the decision to seek Acupuncture treatment is often empowering and life changing as a result; seeing the amazing changes Acupuncture creates in the lives of people who were previously suffering still inspires me just as much as when I first qualified.



Are You Unsure Whether Acupuncture is Right for you?
If you are unsure about whether Acupuncture is right for you, please give me a call now and we can chat about it.

Just like all systems of medicine, Acupuncture cannot treat everything but every day people make the decision to try it and it is often one of the best decisions of their lives so it is very important to me that people have the chance to decide whether Acupuncture is right for them without any cost or obligation;  I will always spend as much time as you need chatting with you and you can then take time after our conversation to reflect on whether you think it is right for you. 






T - 029 2014 0056


If I am with a patient I am unable to answer the phone but it will

transfer to my voicemail so please leave me a message

with your contact details and I will get back to you promptly.












Initial consultation 1 1/2 hrs and costs £59.00

In this first session I take a full case history which allows me to accurately determine what options there are to quickly get you feeling better. This first session also includes treatment.

Subsequent treatments, 45mins-1hr, cost £45.00

These usually take about 45 minutes but I allow an hour so that there is plenty of time to do everything I can for your treatment.