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Natasha Marchant - CGLI MCThA BWY


Ever since I can remember I have held a deep curiosity in exploring the interrelationship of our internal and external landscape and Mother Nature has been my greatest teacher. 


“Body is home.  It’s our first environment.  It is the medium through which we know the earth.
Our relationship with our bodies affects our interaction with the world.”
Andrea Olsen – Body and Earth


This ongoing curiosity and reverence for the world around me and my relationship with it, is the foundation of all my gentle offerings.  I have been practising various forms of Body Work since qualifying in 1990 and I specialise in Ayurvedic Massage, Chavutti Thirumal, Aromatherapy and Yoga. 


In 1997 I opened my first clinic and together with an inspirational team of multi-disciplinary practitioners we have continued to grow organically and have two Gaia clinics in Cardiff offering a diverse range of therapies and programmes for integrated health and well-being.  I also teach FHT accredited Ayurvedic Massage courses across the UK and hold workshops and retreats throughout the year.


“If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything” 
Thich Nhat Than

I truly believe that every day offers me a new experience to learn and grow and I continue to explore new ways of working with and sharing these insights through my practise and my teaching.





T - 029 2025 1031

M - 0771 253 6541



NYR Remedies




Neals Yard Remedies with Natasha



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Aromatherapy Massage


40 min massage £35.00 - Course of 4 £120.00

1 hour massage £50.00 - Course of 4 £160.00

1hour 20min Massage £60.00 -Course of 4 £180.00


Aromatherapy Facial


1 hour facial £50.00 - Course of 4 treatments £160.00


Ayurveda Treatments


Ayurveda – Shirobhyanga
Ayurvedic Head, neck and shoulder massage

40 minutes  £35.00 - Course of 4 treatments £120.00

Ayurveda – Shirodhara - Third Eye Drip

1 hour £55.00

Ayurveda – Abhyanga- Full Body Massage

1 hour 20 min £60.00 - Course of 4 treatments £180.00

2 hour Ayurvedic Massage Ritual £95.00

Ayurveda – Pinda Sweda

Herbal Powder Bolus Massage

1 hour  20 mins £65.00

Ayurveda – Foot Ritual - Kansa Vataki

1 hour   £50.00


Hot Stone Massage


1 hour 20 mins Full body massage £65.00


Pregnancy Massage


1 hour Body massage £50.00


Metta Healing


1 hour treatment £40.00


Ayurvedic Seated Acupressure Massage


40 min treatment £35.00 Course of 4 treatments £120.00




Course prices on application