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Karen Thomas


I am a certified Havening practitioner, licensed NLP practitioner and clinical Hypnotherapist DHP, HPD, MNCH. - I specialise in helping people overcome their trauma, anger, drug addictions, anxiety, depression, phobic responses,need to smoke or their need to eat to excess . I am passionate about helping people get their lives back on track to experience more joy in their lives.

Hypnotherapy is drug free with no side effects and is widely recognised as the most effective and powerful way to bring about positive changes in your life. Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) I can successfully treat clients for a variety of issues. I also practice 'The Havening Technique', which is effective for people who have experienced a trauma, are angry or emotional still about a past event or are suffering from a phobia. This technique is based on neuroscience and until recently, traumatisation encoded enduring memories, emotions and sensations in our body and mind that created lifelong distress. This encoding requires a biological process - a traumatic encoding moment produces a physical alteration in neural tissue. It is what is referred as traumatic memory.

In order for an event to be encoded as a trauma, powerful emotional forces need to come into play. The most primitive and powerful emotions, fear and defensive rage are called reactive....this means that they occur without thought. There are also emotions that require thought, called reflective emotions such as guilt, shame, frustration, jealousy, revenge and hatred. Finally there are emotions that last for a while and originate in the sensory parts of our brain. They nourish our lives. These routine emotions include happy, sad, inspired, worried and so on.

Both reactive and reflective emotions have the potential to be encoded as a trauma and thus sustained over time. Since all emotions are stressors, traumatisation produces an inescapable stress. This has immense implications in how we live our lives. Havening is a way of decoding the traumatic event and involves the application of sensory input to generate an extrasensory response to produce a beneficial change, either transiently or permanently within the brain without the use of drugs.







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Session Rates



1st Appointment ...

Consultation and treatment up to 2 hours £90.00


Subsequent sessions:
Hourly session ...£65.00
Course of 3 sessions including consultation £180.00
Course of 6 sessions including consultation £325.00