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Cranial Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a therapeutic system of diagnosis and treatment that considers the mechanics and structure of the whole body. While osteopaths are well known for treating back pain, we diagnose and treat musculoskeletal symptoms and dysfunctions from head to toe, assessing and treating from a functional, postural and mechanical viewpoint.
 If one area of the body is not working effectively there may well be an effect on another part of the body. This is why osteopaths take a holistic approach to treatment. Osteopathy ¬†considers health to be more than the absence of pain and disease, but a state of harmony and balance both within the body and between the body, mind and spirit.


Cranial Osteopathy
Most of us have experienced stressful physical or emotional events at some time in our lives; the effects of these events can accumulate making it difficult for the body to cope and adapt and symptoms may develop. Areas of restriction or tension will change the balance throughout the body. Osteopaths have a highly developed sense of touch/ palpation paired with an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and can detect these subtle physical imbalances in the body.

Cranial osteopathy is one of the tools in an osteopath’s kit. It is known for its subtle and gentle techniques applied throughout the body using osteopathic principles, treating the whole body not just the head. Encouraging the release of stresses and the balancing of tension within the body, helping the body to return to a better state of balance and harmony.











Cranial Osteopathy