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Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop with Helen Noakes

Saturday 21st May 2016  10.30-15.30


Cost: £40.00



What does the word Yoga mean to you?
Is it an event you visit on the mat or is it a feeling you touch within yourself, whenever your awareness guides you in everyday life. This approach to yoga postures and the breath can aid your own inner intelligence to follow undiscovered pathways, to find ease and deep relaxation in your body.

Scaravelli inspired yoga is revolutionary. It is a never ending, continuous exploration of the miracle that is our body. You will be guided into a beautiful journey of waves and spirals into your spine which can lead into a slow and safe release of tension as well as a new and profound learning’s of experiencing movement.

Our feet will be the main focus of this seminar with Helen. We will discover how we can become more centered and grounded by creating a strong connection with our feet. Alongside our relationship to the breath and gravity we will feel deep and lasting release in our spine.
This workshop is open to everyone: all those who are new to yoga, yoga lovers and teachers. All ages are welcome. Please come with an open mind and a smile!


Vanda Scaravelli quotes in her book ‘Awakening the Spine’ There are no beginners or advanced students”.

We will also be exploring energy pathways with Yoga teacher and Bodyworker Natasha Marchant, experiencing how to find space, length and lift in your body through self-massage and paired stretching.


We hope you will join us for an insightful workshop.



Lisvane Memorial Hall
Heol Y Delyn, Lisvane
CF14 0SQ


Places are limited, to book please contact 

Natasha Marchant 0771 253 6541