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Baby Nurture


Baby Yoga classes get you and your baby moving and having fun together. They also help you find a quiet space to relax and let go.

The movement, touch, rhythm and songs in our baby yoga sequences will delight your baby and really get them thinking. The gentle yoga movements support your baby’s developing strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination and will encourage your baby’s desire to move and explore. Classes also encourage your baby’s growing interest in and enjoyment of social interaction.

Yoga has lots of benefits for you too. Enjoying “me time” is a wonderful boost for busy mums. My classes help you to enjoy that time whilst keeping your baby close, engaged and involved. The gentle stretches, movement and yoga postures help boost energy levels, ease those aches and pains that so many mums experience and help you adapt and strengthen after pregnancy. We also look at relaxed ways to hold and move with your baby. Every class ends with some quiet time when you can rest and relax together.

You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. It is useful to bring a blanket for your baby to lie or sit on and a cushion and blanket that you can use for your comfort during the relaxation. Please bring some water.


A typical class will cover:

    • A simple through clothes massage sequence

    • Baby yoga movements to stimulate and relax your baby

    • Interactive songs and rhymes coordinated with movement

    • Confident lifting, handling and movement of your baby

    • Tips to ensure that you stay relaxed and protect your back

    • Yoga to strengthen and build core strength after birth

    • Dynamic and fun yoga moves to enjoy with your baby such as “baby flying”

    • Relaxation together

Cost: £40.00  Course of 5 consecutive Baby Nurture & Baby Yoga sessions
Venue: Gaia Lifestyle Centre, Cottrell Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3HQ










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